Alan Garvey

Alan Garvey – University of Washington

“Recently I had the distinct pleasure and honor to attend the 2017 Washington State Recycling Association’s Annual Conference and Trade Show as a student guest.  I had a wonderful time spending a few days geeking out with other people who are just as excited about recycling as myself.  The first thing I noticed was how welcomed I was by the WSRA staff, student guest mentors and conference volunteers.  I have been to several conferences and trade shows and never have I felt so comfortable and supported.  I was also struck by every member’s excitement to meet with student guests and their wiliness to connect us with industry leaders.  During the conference, I connected with many amazing and talented waste management experts who were genuinely interested in my future career plans.  My overwhelmingly positive experience of the WSRA conference has showed me that I am on the right career track and that an entire industry is ready to welcome the next generation of waste management leaders.  I look forward to attending the upcoming WRED events and I hope to attend next year’s WSRA Conference and Trade Show.  Thank you WSRA and the Recycling Foundation for making this opportunity possible.”