Linh Nguyen

Linh Nguyen – Whatcom Community College

“It has been a great experience attending the WSRA 37th Annual Conference as one of the Student Guest in Pasco, Washington, where I was even more inspired about recycling by many friendly and sharp environmental specialists, expertise in solid waste division and house property management. Personally, I think this conference was very well organized and very successful. Several of the sessions, delivered by different organizations which I attended had been very informative and insightful on their particular subjects. The informative and valuable sessions have extended my understanding on some of the challenges in the recycling industry in Northwest counties. I’ve learned and understood a better way of coordinating the useful information from the conference with my Sustainability Club and friends at Whatcom Community College, Bellingham. The comprehensive knowledge opens my eyes to a new perspective of the industry and motivate me to further devote myself into the sustainable development.”